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Blacklisted Native Americans
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Blacklisting Native Americans With African Blood
Wikipedia defines “blacklist” or “black list” as “a register of entities who, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, mobility, access or recognition.”
“As a verb, to blacklist can mean to deny someone work in a particular field, or to ostracize a person from a certain social circle.”
“Conversely, a white list is a list or compilation identifying entities that are accepted, recognized, or privileged.” [Citation: Wikipedia, 2011]
Blacklist: “list of disapproved people: a list of people or groups who are under suspicion or excluded from something.”
1.  put on blacklist: to add somebody’s name to a blacklist
2.  condemn: to shun or condemn somebody for behavior that breaks implicit or explicit rules.” [Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004]
McCarthy may have borrowed the “made in the USA” technique of “Blacklisting” from a program of deprivation (barely perceptible to the rest of humanity), but widely used across the United States to institutionalize the practice of robbing Native Americans suspected of having African Ancestry from the ability to claim their true Nationality. Black Indians were fined, imprisoned, ostracized and finally denied outright, their Creator given right to be who they were.
Now, Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc., has obtained proof to support the claim that Blacklisting was used against Ethnic (Black) Indigenous Native Americans (and/or their descendants) first in America. Consider the following:
During the years 1942 and 1943, Walter Plecker lobbed a virulent salvo in the form of a Native American Blacklist straight into the heart of a petulant campaign pursued against Ethnic Native Americans having admixture of African Blood. His campaign was as pernicious as the historic Salem Witch Trials and more vicious than the McCarthy Era Anti-Communist Hollywood Blacklisting Campaign, because Plecker’s campaign, unleashed in the 20th Century, eschewed moral decency and demonstrated complete distain for millennia of natural ethnic identification.
Plecker’s campaign was the missing piece needed to convert official anti-Black Indian Policies into Procedures absorbed by the National Superstructure, in order to accomplish Deprivation of Nationality, complete denial and erasure of the true legal identity and Nationality in Public Records of the intended victims– Indigenous Ethnic Native Americans having African admixture. They created, in the process, a class of Ethnic Indians of no discernable ancestral connections, who were injected into a monolithic group of “Negro”, “Black”, “Colored” and “African Americans” stripped of Civil Rights, Treaty Rights and Human Rights.
What Plecker did will become apparent to you very shortly. Why Plecker chose to pursue this particular tactic, he admits in his letter , was that he felt certain these “mongrels” could use their “Indian“ identity to “pass through” to the “White” Race, and it was his mission (expanded to include all public officials) to prevent this from happening.
Mr. Plecker even fomented White hysteria by suggesting that the dirty deed was already happening and that responsible White individuals found complicit in the treachery would also be fined, jailed and ostracized as well.
Walter A. Plecker, M.D., State Registrar was a notorious adversary of Ethnic Native Americans having African Ancestry and a firm adherent/proponent of the “One Drop Rule.” He was also the very embodiment of an American racist and  vehement self-appointed anti-Ethnic (Black) Native American Czar, intent on denying them the Human Right to claim their true Nationality. He (literally) gave birth, life and vitality to the original dreaded term, “Blacklist” or “Black List”, in America.
Plecker’s Native American “Black List” crossed State lines and negatively influenced socio-political and economic relationships affecting Ethnic (Black) Native Americans, which continues to fester and plague Ethnic Native Americans having African admixture, to the present day.
Political Context
“The term blacklisting is generally used in a pejorative context, as it implies that someone has been prevented from having legitimate access due to the whims or judgments of another.”

“Ostracize a person from a certain social circle”
Older Americans may remember McCarthy-era Hollywood Blacklisting, as one of the most famous examples of blacklisting stemmed from an investigation launched in 1947 by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) into Communist influence on the motion picture industry.
Fear Factor: Domino Effect


Ethnic Native Americans, having no Legal-Political Representation, faced Native American Blacklisting up close and personal. The domino effect, of course, meant that Blacklist identification affected all other aspects of life, including economic opportunities, followed individuals from State-to-State, affected Military Enrollment, mandated forced racial-ethnic reclassification on Birth and Death Certificates, as well as Marriage Licenses, as a matter of public policy.
As the pursuit of Black Indians crossed State Lines, the Domino effect meant that Plecker’s Policy became a National Program of Exclusion, it began to affect tribes (other than the original victims), including the 5 Civilized Tribes.

For instance; Indian Freedmen guaranteed 1866 Treaty Rights within the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole Nations, found themselves excluded from benefiting in the 1983 Reagan-era Native American Reservation Economy Initiatives, because the birth certificates of subsequent generations of Ethnic Cherokees, Chickasaws, Choctaws, Creeks and Seminoles indicated that they were “Negro”, “Black”, “Colored” and “African Americans,” therefore, “they were not Indians.”
Finally, Plecker’s initiative, absorbed by the mainstrain, resulted in the modern exile of remaining descendants of original Indigenous Ethnic (Black) Native Americans and Freedmen from the Tribes, while the President, Congress, State Governments and everyday people stood idly by and let it happen, even in the face of Human Rights Laws demanding that Deprivation of Nationality and exile of a people based upon Race and Ethnicity is a worldwide crime against Humanity, for which Reparations must be made.
The only salvageable item produced by Plecker’s meticulously pursued Native American Blacklist, is that it provided a historical surname accounting of Native Americans, decreed Black by Plecker that might have been otherwise been lost in the obliteration of their true Nationality by institutionalized racism imbedded in American policies and procedures.
It also gave rise to researching of Ethnic Native Americans in Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, and Native American Plantations from New England to the Carolina Low Country.
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